Privacy Policy


What are cookies?

"Cookies" are small files that are stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you use the NOVACASHBACK service. In a broader sense, “cookies” also refer to other technologies that behave in a similar way and collect information about your browsing and interaction with NOVACASHBACK, depending on your choices. We use these technologies for various reasons, including to make browsing easier for you, to protect our services from hacker attacks, to carry out web analyzes, to offer you discount coupons that may be of interest to you, and to give you functions of third-party services such as enable one-click registration and login from your favorite social networks.

Cookies do not personally identify you, but they do record information about your browsing and behavior on NOVACASHBACKWe can then access it during further browsing processes on your part. Let's take an example: if you have decided to install the  extension on your browser, we store this information in a cookie so that when you come to NOVACASHBACK you will no longer be confronted with a banner showing the Extension suggests and you will no longer be bothered with these advertisements. Pretty useful, isn't it?

Note that the information these cookies collect may be used by us or by a partner (a third party company). If this is the case, we will include the partner's name in the list of cookies below.

What options do I have with cookies?

Consent to the placement of cookies
We will ask for your consent for all non-essential cookies before we place them on your device. For this purpose, an information banner is displayed when you browse NOVACASHBACK to inform you about the presence of cookies and, if necessary, to give you the option of refusing to place them on your device. You can choose whether you want to accept or reject all cookies, all cookies in a category or a specific cookie. In short, the choice is yours!

we offer you the option of changing the settings of your cookies directly from our website. There is a "Manage my cookies" link at the bottom of every page.

Via mobile NOVACASHBACK applications
You can manage your cookie settings directly from your NOVACASHBACK application in the section “Information> Cookie Settings”. If you uninstall the application, the cookies will in any case disappear.

Via the NOVACASHBACK browser extension
You can manage your cookie settings directly from your NOVACASHBACK extension in the "Data protection and cookies" section. If you uninstall the extension, the cookies will disappear in any case.

From your browser
You can also configure your browser to manage your cookie settings. Every browser has different settings. For your information, we provide you with some help pages on the websites of the most common providers:

Which cookies are used by NOVACASHBACK?

We use 4 types of cookies for different purposes.

Cookies called "essential"
These cookies allow us to monitor the performance of our services and to identify browser or security problems in order to minimize inconvenience to our users. They are also used to make the NOVACASHBACK cashback service available to you, e.g. to enable you to log in or to record your purchases at our partner shops. These essential cookies are also used to save your browser and cookie preferences. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information and are not associated with it.

Web analytics cookies
These cookies enable us to compile global and aggregated statistics on the use of our service (e.g. number of visits, pages and sections visited, time spent on the service, region of connection, type of device used, origin of a visitor, etc. .). These cookies make it possible to improve and optimize the services, functions and services offered to you as well as our communication campaigns in order to win new members in the community :)

Functionality cookies from third parties
These cookies enable us or our third party partners to make certain functions of our service available to you. This is the case, for example, with registration and the automatic login buttons via Facebook, Google or Apple. Or the buttons for sharing information on social networks. These cookies can be placed on our services by social networks by integrating your applications into our services. The social network that offers one of these applications can identify you via its buttons and its own cookies, even if you have not used them when using our services.

Some of our partners may combine the data they have collected about the cookies used in our services with other information that they have made available to you or that you have collected while using their own services.

Personalized voucher cookies
These cookies allow us or our third-party partners to track and control your exposure and your interactions with the content of our services, but also other services on which they place cookies, in particular to offer you personalized discount vouchers. they make it possible to identify the information that you might be most interested in, in order to offer you personalized discount vouchers adapted to your main interests.

Some of our partners may combine the data they have collected about the cookies used on our services with other information that you have given them or that the partners have collected while using their own services.